Indianapolis Chiropractor Speaks Out

Indianapolis Chiropractor, Dr. Joseph Kielur, comes to be the Straightforward Voice Promoting Chiropractic Service

Countless folks continue to experience unwarranted neck and back pain because of the discredit in a therapeutic method that certainly works

Dr. Joseph's Kielur's calling to enter into chiropractic care began when he got injured playing football in high school. Because of this, his neck and back pain continued to worsen throughout the years even with costly treatment options involving doctor visits, physical therapy and medical treatment.

Even as a boy, he knew the lurking hazard in using narcotic medication, particularly when it was not helping him recuperate. When his mom recommended consulting a chiropractor, Kielur repudiated the idea. His broad conviction, from talking to colleagues, was that chiropractors were not beneficial at all.

On the other hand, his neck and back pain, united with sleepless nights, just worsened, so he decided to give the chiropractic solution a try. He was taken aback to find some ease from the agony in the course of his very first visit. Even though he was not thoroughly healed, the progress provided some expectancy that his neck and back pain would soon subside. Joseph Kielur was beginning to give credit to the chiropractic trade.

Right after 6 weeks including 20 visits Kielur was exceeded to be restored, agony free and robust as ever. It struck him that the data he had been supplied pertaining to chiropractic care had not only been misguiding, but completely incorrect. How could so many people be so fooled that they carry on living in agonizing pain without getting the assistance they desperately need?

After asking hundreds of people how they came to believe what they did about chiropractic care Kielur was overcome to discover that a lot of them replied similarly, "Because that is precisely what I have generally read about chiropractors." Regularly up for a challenge, Joseph Kielur emerged as the community voice to recommend chiropractic procedures for neck and back pain and basic pain control.

"I knew it helped, I learned it worked quite well," said Kielur. "I also understood that it would help others so I underwent a personal objective to circulate the truth regarding chiropractic therapy ... at this stage I had not even considered it as a vocation, heck, I was merely 17 and a high school senior."

Today, Dr. Joseph Kielur, owner of the Mass Avenue Chiropractic Clinic, has over twenty years purposeful practice in caring for numerous people with various painful afflictions. His innovation of the unique DRS Protocol is the main reason he is so productive and highly regarded. Visit to learn more.